A Gigantic British Vintage Royal Navy Red Ensign Flag


Origin: British
Period: Early-Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1910-30
Height: 67 inches
Width: 137 inches

Stretching to almost eleven and a half feet and double hand stitched in heavy cloth, this mammoth appliqué red ensign flag would have flown from a large ship, such as a conventional Destroyer, around a century ago.
Small holes frequent the flag but there are no tears or rips and the overall condition, considering the age is good. There is a rope and toggle for pole attachment, still in tact.

The Red Ensign or "Red Duster" as it’s endearingly known is a flag that originated in the early 17th century as a British ensign flown by the Royal Navy and later specifically by British merchantmen. The precise date of its first appearance is not known, but surviving receipts indicate that the Navy was paying to have such flags sewn during the 1620s. It is currently used as the civil ensign of the United Kingdom.

This is quite simply a quality antique flag that has immense decorative and historical appeal.