A Good 19thC Stitched Vellum Bucket c.1830-50

Origin: English
Period: William IV/Early-Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1830-50
Diameter: 17”
Height: 14.75”

In entirely original condition and of good size, the wonderfully well and boldly stitched vellum bucket of beautiful cigar colour showing a wonderful patina and one side of large diagonal stitches to a collared rim and to a stitched bottom, surviving from the second quarter of the nineteenth century.

The bucket is in entirely untouched condition with no restoration or repair. There is some expected misshapenness as photographed.
These vellum buckets were made mainly in the first half of the nineteenth century and usually used in cotton factories.

Not only still useful today but a wonderful statement piece of folk art and of super colour, smell and texture.