A Good c.1900 Dome Cased Taxidermy Fruit Bat

Origin: English
Period: Late Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1900
Height: 16”
Base Diameter: 11.25”

The rare preserved mature fruit bat, posed hanging upside down, to a grassy naturalistic base, and housed in its original glass domed case to ebonised base and rope twist border, the whole surviving from the zeniths of Victorian period England.

The specimen is presented in very good condition considering the relative fragility and age. The entire composition and dome only show wear commensurate with age.

Megabats constitute the family Pteropodidae of the order Chiroptera (bats). They are also called fruit bats, Old World fruit bats, or flying foxes.

A rare and highly attractive piece; when one does see taxidermy bats they aren’t nearly as good as this one; just don’t mention Covid-19.