A Good Decorative Set of Six c.1860s Scottish Stained Provincial Elm & Beech Oxford-Back Chapel Chairs

Origin: Scottish
Period: Early/Mid-Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1850-70
Width: 16.5”
Height: 32” or 18” at seats
Depth: 18.5” (each & all at extremities)

The decorative mid-nineteenth century set of six matching original treacle stained elm and beech chapel chairs with oxford-backs, shaped seats and ring turned legs with h-stretchers, each surviving from an ecclesiastical setting in mid-Victorian Scotland.

The chairs all show a consistent amount of wear to their paintwork, with an all-over craquelure and as such prove beautifully decorative. They are all stable and able to be used day to day with no signs of worm. We have left the stained finish well alone to each. One of the chairs has one area of wear to the stain to its reverse and one has a small crack to one seat. Some of the chairs have the word ‘church’ written in pencil on the undersides of the seats.

Chairs of this type are rarely as decorative as these, with the treacle staining worn off in places giving them an attractive authentic feel. The fact they are from Scotland and remain in a group are also both pluses.  Matching sets of six aren’t all that easy to locate, many being harlequin sets (ie slightly different) so this group prove a good find. Finding genuine sets of matching antique chairs can be very difficult due to a few reasons. Over time some chairs may have become over used and broken, making the sets smaller or very often on a deceased estate, very often sets of 12 chairs would be split between the family.

A ready-to-use set that also prove beautifully decorative and provide good value for money.