A Good & Large Rectangular Giltwood Wall Mirror; c.1800 & Later

Origin: English
Period: George III & Late Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1800 & c.1890
Height: 44”
Width: 37”
Depth: 4”

The beautifully evocative rectangular wall mirror, displaying a nineteenth century rectangular mirror plate now beautifully foxed, though still in useable order, being housed in a Georgian four inch thick bordered frame previously for an oil painting, being beaded to the inner and with a leaf decorated outer and carved in pine and gilt gesso, the pair being a marriage and each surviving from the late Georgian and late Victorian periods respectively.

The mirror is in decorative and naturally aged condition and is attractive in its originality and the fact it has not been meddled with. The good period glass plate is foxed beautifully but still serves its purpose in being clear to the main central areas. There are two hooks present for hanging to the very good quality Georgian frame and it would require proper installation due to the significant weight.

Of pleasing weight and quality, and with just the right amount of wear, this is a chunky delight of a mirror; not all marriages work out but this one certainly does.