A Good Late 17thC Pine & Oak Bobbin Turned Side Table c.1680

Origin: English
Period: Charles II/James II/William & Mary
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1680-1690
Height: 25.5 inches
Width: 28.25 inches
Depth: 19.5 inches

The seventeenth century pine and oak side table of good colour with a single frieze drawer having the original knob handle, now worn with centuries of use, and all-over bobbin-turned supports surviving from late seventeenth century England.

The table is structurally sound and stable, with the expected surface wear with a good amount of deep colour and patination to the top and to the bobbin turnings at their extremities. There has been some worm to the supports which are in the softer wood though this has died out quite some time ago. Overall for its age it would be described as good. It remains very original with no replacement parts. The facing interior of the drawer is slanted, and is almost trough like with its hugely thick sides which is a nice nod to the provincial feel of the piece.

Following the austere years of Puritan rule, the return of the Charles II from exile in Europe heralded a period of great luxury. On his return the King set about creating a court as dazzling as those of his Continental counterparts and as such the country was opened to Dutch and French influence with many highly-skilled furniture makers settling in England. Furniture remained heavy but with more carving and fine detail became fashionable, notably in the sculpture of Grinling Gibbons. Locally-grown oak was the basic wood for country pieces and carcasses but, by the end of the century, case furniture was often veneered with English walnut or walnut imported from France or Virginia.

Beautiful period English furniture with enough sculptural quality to make it able to sit in any setting.