A Good Mid-Victorian Cast Iron Tazza Garden Urn & Stand c.1860-70

Origin: English
Period: Mid-Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1860-70
Height: 32.5”
Basin Diameter: 22”
Pedestal: 13.25” square at base

The beautifully textured cast iron tazza shaped urn with a fluted and a lobed tapering flared squat body to a square base, complete with its original pedestal, the whole displaying a superb undisturbed patination, survives from the third quarter of the nineteenth century.

The whole is in well-aged condition with the original paint now largely flaked, commensurate with age and weathering and structurally she is sound. The urn has rust verdigris to the interior and benefits from some garden moss growth. There are no cracks, repairs or damages and it is ready to use.

Cast iron urns were produced in large quantities, the most noteworthy from the Coalbrookedale foundry. However this particular example is very crisply and heavily cast and structurally it remains true. It is a super example and in untouched condition.

The texture of a thousand country houses, and just stunning to gaze upon.