A Good Quality Supreme Afghan Kazak Rug: 179cm x 125cm


Origin: Kabul
Style: Supreme Afghan Kazak
Provenance: N/A
Dated: Late 20th C
Hand Knotted 100% Wool Pile
Length: 179cms / 5.9 feet
Width: 125cms / 4.1 feet

The central field in vibrant red, interspersed by five geometric medallions, surrounded by rosettes and stars. The vivid red only returns in this example as a ground colour on the outer border meaning that the rest of the ground is made up of apple green, azure blue and ivory. As with all hand-made rugs, each piece brings with it a spectrum of shades of colouring depending upon from which angle one views it from.

The Caucasus, a harsh mountainous area which separates Europe from Asia, has been weaving rugs since the 16th Century, reaching its historical peak in the 19th Century.

Kazaks often display two or three geometrical medallions, though in this example we see five, sometimes with characteristic S-shaped patterns. The foundation is usually wool, and the fairly deep pile is always wool, with the Ghiordes knot. The principal colour is red, though bold, warm shades of green and yellow are used as well, as we see in this piece.

Kazak rugs have always been popular in Europe, largely because of their robust quality. The Afghan reproductions follow the traditional techniques and aspects of the Antique Kazaks.

This is a quality piece, in a particularly practical size, which will last a lifetime.