Origin: English
Period: Mid-20thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1960
Average Height: 23”
Average Width: 19”
Average Depth: 18”
Average Seat: 13 w x 9” d

The octet of wonderfully fun stylised painted fibreglass framed child’s size seats, modelled as English fruits and probably deriving from a theme park, zoo or farm shop setting, the group being made up of two strawberries, two apples, two pumpkins and two watermelons, each nicely weathered with timeworn paint, surviving from the middle section of the twentieth century.

The seats are all in good useable condition, with some small damages to the stalks here and there, with the paint worn beautifully. There are some loose pieces inside moving around to some examples. Small adults can also just about use them but if not used for seating they could be ustilised as garden features for any manner of display purposes. They could obviously be used indoors also.

Just so very fun; impossible not to smile.