A Group of Five American Vintage AMF Amflite II Bowling Pins


Origin: American
Period: Late Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1980
Height: 15 inches
Width: 5 inches (at maximum)

Made in the USA from lumber stored in a special predryer before kiln drying, the compression moulded AMF Amflite II pins with surlyn half shells having red and blue detailing are WIBC and ABC approved.

Battered, but not broken, these pins are evocative of the alley that they sat in and are in eighties as found condition.

In 1930, British anthropologist Sir Flinders Petrie, along with a team of archaeologists, discovered various primitive bowling balls, bowling pins and other materials in the grave of an Egyptian boy dating to 3200 B.C., which was over 5200 years ago. Their discovery represents the earliest known historical trace of bowling. Now we think more of French fries and Homer Simpson, with the Americans making the sport a billion dollar industry by 1945.

This quintet of pins tell numerous and rather repetitive stories of physical abuse (why would anyone want to continually throw a ball at us?, they ask), but also present a real challenge of just how to incorporate them into your interior. It might be fun to try.