A Group of Four George III Period Lime Wash Painted Architectural Columns c.1790-1810

Origin: English
Period: George III
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1790-1810
Height: 94” (each)
Width: 13.5”
Depth: 13.5” tops (all vary marginally)

The wonderfully decorative and beautifully aged bone painted pine columns at almost eight feet tall each, in the full round, with square capital bases and ring turned collars (some lacking), in untouched condition with the original lime type wash painted decoration to each, hailing from the zeniths of eighteenth century England.

The columns have been dry barn stored for over fifty years. The overall condition of them is relatively good considering their substantial age with the pine taking on the beautifully dry patination that one finds on oak of this age with the wash painted decoration flaking to each. There are shrinkage cracks to each and losses to the ends as photographed.

The rears aren’t squared off suggesting they were part of a grand pavilion or porchway or some such and would have been seen on the round.

Columns like these have a numerous design benefits. Strong lines add a stately look to the interior as well making the room appear higher. Projecting face and structural appearance of the columns add extra layer of architectural details to the room. The old painted surfaces to these columns are pleasing and gives them a hugely decorative appearance.

Stunning country house architectural pieces of grand size and of beautiful colour and texture.