A Group of Three 19thC Treen Bowls

Origin: English
Period: Early to Mid 19thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1830-70
Diameters: 6” / 5” / 5”
Heights: 2.5” / 2” / 1.75”

The charming group of three small treen bowls of varied colour, in burrwood and elm, two being dug-out, and with residual dark stain, the third with a raised foot, and surviving from the early to middle parts of the nineteenth century.

With a dry textural quality, the bowls have lovely varying colours, with no damages to speak of though they have idiosyncrasies and imperfections as per the photographs.

Many bowls of this type were food or dairy bowls and the marks and signs of use are an honest reflection of their daily use over the years and if used for soups or broths, for instance their colour becomes naturally darker. When the bowl is ‘dug out’ it simply means it was carved out from one piece of wood.

A tactile trio of sculptural treats.