A Group of Twelve Framed Chromolithographs of British Birds’ Eggs; Henry Seebohm c.1896

Origin: English
Period: Late-Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1896
Each: 9” wide x 12.25” high (each)

The decorative group of thirteen framed chromolithographs on wove paper, of natural history interest, each depicting eggs from various British birds, set upon soft pastel coloured grounds of soft  green and ivory, published in 1896 by Pawson and Brailsford, Sheffield for "Coloured Figures of the Eggs of British Birds" By Henry Seebohm.

Printed on nineteenth century wove paper the chromolithographs are all in good order with strong colour, though there is some discolouration and background toning the images all remain in good condition with a handful having small losses and tatty edgings. Please refer to the images for a visual reference.

Henry Seebohm was born in Bradford, Yorkshire in 1832. He began his studies of biology in the botanical realm, making a collection of British Ferns. However, his true passion was ornithology, and after much success in steel manufacturing he was soon traveling abroad, studying various bird species & collecting their eggs.

The birds eggs shown are as follows:

H. Seebohm 1896; Puffin, Auk, Guillemot 26.
H. Seebohm 1896; Razorbill 24.
H. Seebohm 1896; Skua 37.
H. Seebohm 1896; Whimbrel, Curlew 45.
H. Seebohm 1896; Black Throated, Red-Throated, Great Northern Diver 21
H. Seebohm 1896; Whooper & Mute Swan 07.
H. Seebohm 1896; Crane 46.
H. Seebohm 1896; Bustard, Thicknee 23.
H. Seebohm 1896; Eagles, Golden Eagle 02.
H. Seebohm 1896; Falcon, Buzzard, Osprey, Kite 03.
H. Seebohm 1896; Falcons & Vultures 01.
H. Seebohm 1896; Black Stork, Spoonbill, White Stork 18.

These prints contain some of the finest groupings of bird’s eggs found in natural history illustration, all in intricate detail.