A Group of Twelve Framed Early 20thC Nude Pencil Studies by Violet Clinton c.1920

Origin: English
Period: Early 20thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1920-21
Each: 15.25” wide x 18.75” high (each)

The dozen antique pencil nude studies, in full length, and of good size, each dated to either 1920 or 1921, and signed by the artist Violet Clinton, surviving from the first quarter of twentieth century England and each now framed for display.

The drawings are all in as found condition and have tatty edges and creases but no tears. There are some light discoloration marks, please see the photographs for a full visual reference. The frames and ivory card mounts are recent and in keeping.

A keen amateur artist, Violet Clinton was a member of Wolverhampton Municipal School of Art & Crafts and Wolverhampton Archives has a volume, beautifully illuminated and written by Violet Clinton, which lists the names of all the men and women who served as Special Constables during the period 1916-1919.

This group provide a real statement, able to flood an entire wall in roaring 1920s splendour.