A Heavy Quality Large Vintage Applique WWII Period Australian Flag


Origin: English
Period: Early/Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1925-45
Height: 44 inches
Width: 89 inches

Hand stitched, the ‘Excelsior’ heavy cotton flag is complete with securing toggles made by Ernest W. Perrett of 65 Holloway Road, London N7.

There is a smattering of white stain to the central lower blue section of the flag, though more importantly, the overall condition is very good, there are no tears or holes and the colours are still very vivid.

The flag of Australia is a defaced Blue Ensign: i.e. a blue field with the Union Flag in the canton, and a large white seven-pointed star known as the Commonwealth Star in the lower hoist quarter. The fly contains a representation of the Southern Cross constellation, made up of five white stars – one small five-pointed star and four, larger, seven-pointed stars.

This is a scarcer example than most from Ernest W. Perrett, and the quality of the flag simply trounces that of those made today.