A Highly Unique Torkaman Rug: 111cm x 81cm


Origin: Persia/Iran
Style: Torkaman
Provenance: N/A
Dated: Mid 20th C
Hand Knotted 100% Wool Pile.
Length: 111cms / 3.6 feet
Width: 81cms / 2.7 feet

Of extraordinary design, this proud and handsome piece has two temples or places of worship center top and then growing vines leading ones eye up to these buildings. Set upon an aubergine ground with the other primary colours being white, olive and rust. There is also a beautiful azure blue, which is used ever so sparingly to accentuate parts of the architecture and the flowering plant to the center, which represents new life. A unique piece.

Torkaman rugs are handmade mostly in north-western and eastern Iran, but can sometimes found to be from parts of Turkey, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Syria, and other parts of the Caucasus.

The beauty of these weavings is primarily why many are attracted to Torkaman pieces. The history, beliefs and way of life of the Turkmen people are all of great importance to their art. Turkmen rugs, therefore, with their distinctive palettes, motifs and compositions, are not merely examples of a strange and exotic folk art but represent a highly complex and historical culture.