A Large Distressed Victorian Gesso & Mercury Plate Overmantle Mirror c.1880

Origin: English
Period: Mid/Late Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1880
Height: 40”
Depth: 2”
Width: 45.5”

The large dome topped overmantle mirror having the original heavy mercury glass plate surrounded by a gesso and pine moulded frame showing remnants of an ebonised and gilded finish, the lower edge with extended shaped mouldings, surviving from the high Victorian period in completely unmolested condition.

The original mirror plate has wonderful clouding and attractive foxing. The frame is a little rickety and the losses to it are evident. The original pine back panels are all present and having mounting brackets for direct wall mounting. We have not cleaned the glass so that could brighten the plate up if so desired.

Overmantle mirrors are a fantastic way of showing a mantelpiece off, due to their lower edge being more slight, though can make any wall or fireplace the central feature in any room. In this example the lower edge has elongated shaped mouldings which would essentially helped the mirror blend into the mantelpiece whilst providing some additional support.

Very much your Satis House type of mirror and one that is increasingly hard to find.