A Large Framed Archival Design For A Table; Maison Paul Fargette & Maison Charles; No.76; c.1960-70

Origin: French
Period: Mid-Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1960-70
Height: 30”
Width: 43.5”
Depth: 2”

The large archival drawing for a design for an occasional table, executed in charcoals and pencil, set upon parchment paper, showing the table both in profile and as a whole, with annotation, and now framed in a good quality later frame, the drawing surviving from the third quarter of twentieth century France.

The condition of the drawing is relatively good and is in as original order as you would want to find it. There is darkening and yellowing to the paper and some foxing throughout, so the picture does appear in aged condition with some tearing to the edges; please refer to the photographs for a visual reference.

This drawing depicts an occasional table with a square glass top with marble surround, to swept legs with paw feet to concealed castors, and with a unifying circular stretcher; though whether the design was ever conceived is unknown to us. It would almost have certainly been in brass, marble and glass with bronze or metal adornments. The freeness of the drawing is beautiful, with a real sense of movement and the workings of the artist’s thoughts.

One of France's finest lighting and bronze casting companies, originally established in 1908 by Ernest Charles at the former Ullmann bronze works in Rue de Turenne in Paris. Charles specialised in the reproduction of antique lighting and gained a significant reputation in the field of bronze casting. Maison Charles continues today to produce top quality bespoke design classics in furniture and lighting. Maison Charles had bought up a rival company, Maison Paul Fargette, in the 1960’s, and it is clear that Chrystiane had studied the Fargette collection of drawings and photographs and incorporated some of its designs into the Charles catalogue.

A scarce drawing of large scale showing the inner workings of one of the finest designers to this date.