A Large Pair of 20thC Cast Stone Dolphins On Plinths c.1940-60

Origin: English
Period: Mid 20thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1940-60
Width: 15” (the plinths)
Height: 54” (the dolphins)
Depth: 19” (the dolphins)

The large and imposing pair of cast composition stone opposing dolphins, standing at around four and a half feet high on the plinths, the designs after Felix Austin originals of the 1830s, one being painted green, and each standing on bombe shaped plinths of the same vintage surviving from the middle of twentieth century England.
The dolphins and plinths are expectedly heavy and have weathering commensurate with being outside. They remain very stable and have an abundance of character. The tails to each are lacking though we have one of the tail segments which could be cast to match the other and then both re-attached if so desired, though they are still wonderful in this condition.

The design of these dolphins is very similar to that of the work cast by Felix Austin in the 1830s, (known as Austin and Seeley from c1840), using patent Portland cement and Portland stone aggregate; an example of an Austin dolphin tazza sculpture can still be seen today whereby the dolphins are entwined and carry a basin above them and they are almost identical to this pair.

Instantly impressive garden features and a design we really love