A Large Pole Mounted Applique Flag of Poland c.1910-20


Origin: British
Period: Early-Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1910-20
Pole Length: 89 inches
The Flag:
Height: 33.5 inches
Width: 70 inches

British made, the hand stitched horizontal bicolor white and red flag has a consistent gentle fade across the fabric, and ‘Polish 2 Yards’ to the hem, mounted to a smooth wooden pole, terminating in a pointed finial, the whole with remnants of the original paint.

The condition is fair, the pole is in good order throughout with some old worm whilst the flag has some old moth holes and one tear to the hem but overall is still sound.

White and red were officially adopted as Polish national colors in 1831. They are of heraldic origin and derive from the tinctures of the coats of arms of the two constituent nations of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, i.e. the White Eagle of Poland and the Pursuer (Lithuanian: Vytis) of Lithuania, a white knight riding a white horse, both on a red shield.

It would prove a difficult task to find an older or larger Polish flag with more charm than this example.