A Large Semi-Old Red Afghan Runner c.1950: 395cm x 95cm


Origin: Afghanistan
Style: Red Afghan
Provenance: N/A
Date: c.1950
Hand Knotted 100% Wool Pile
Length: 395 cms / 13 feet
Width: 95 cms / 3.1 feet

The amply sized Afghan runner, knotted on a foundation of wool and cattle hair, with a Senneh knotted wool pile in the typical blood red and inky blue black having six large central medallions, the ground filled with geometric motifs encased in a gul border.

The weaver has obviously woven the runner in three pieces with the two ends a slightly more vibrant colour than the longer middle section. The fringes are well worn and there have been several tiny repairs. There is no moth or damage and the piece is very appealingly worn in with the pile now beautifully soft.

Red Afghan rugs have been around for centuries and the red colouring is never changed due to old traditions dying hard; most weavers are very superstitious and believe a change of colour would bring bad luck. Afghan rugs provide excellent value for money and can provide warmth to the coldest of rooms.

This is a nicely aged semi old runner in a sought after size.