A Late 18thC English School Oil on Canvas of a Gentleman c.1780

Origin: English
Period: George III
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1780
Height: 12”
Width: 9.5”

The head and shoulders portrait in rectangular form of a noble gentleman (1737-1809) of distinguished standing, painted in oils on canvas to an inner oval with pea green ground, the sitter in formal dress with taffeta cravatte and medal, the whole being uncleaned and unrestored and surviving from Georgian period England.

The portrait remains in completely original attic find condition with no over-painting or attempted restoration and a good deal of character to the surface with some flecked losses and scratches, and he has not been cleaned or varnished. Please refer to the photographs for a full visual reference.

The original inscription to the reverse is hard to decipher though the dates are certainly 1737-1809. Famous gentleman that match these dates of (1737-1809) include Count Brühl and Thomas Paine.

A portrait that merits further research, and a very haunting one at that too.