A Late 18thC French School Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Gentleman c.1790-1800

Origin: French
Period: Louis XVI
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1790-1800
Height: 32”
Width: 25.25”
Depth: 0.75”

The beautifully worn half-length portrait in rectangular form of a gentleman of nobility, painted in oils on canvas, the sitter wearing a laced overcoat of velvet, with a wig, his ink and quill sitting beside him, with a scarlet curtain to one flank and surviving from the period of the French revolution of the late eighteenth century.

The portrait remains in completely original attic find condition with no over-painting or attempted restoration and is in distressed order with flecked losses and small holes and he has not been cleaned or varnished. Please refer to the photographs for a full visual reference.

With the ink and quill being in the picture, the sitter may have wished to have been portrayed as a man of letters or perhaps he was an important dignitary of sorts.

A very decorative portrait of timeworn faded grandeur.