A Late Victorian Stained Pine Rectangular Wall Mirror c.1900

Origin: English
Period: Late-Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1900
Height: 25”
Width: 18.75”
Depth: 0.75”

The distressed but beautifully evocative late nineteenth century rectangular wall mirror, retaining the original beveled mercury glass rectangular mirror plate now beautifully foxed mainly to the top and lower sections, the frame being stained pine, the whole surviving from the zeniths of nineteenth century England.

The mirror is in decorative and naturally aged condition and is attractive in its originality and the fact it has not been meddled with. The original thick mercury glass plate is foxed beautifully but still serves its purpose in being clear to the main central area. It has the original backboards and some nice backing newspaper visible in parts and there are two hooks present for hanging.

Of pleasing weight and quality, with just the right amount of wear to the letter.