A Marvellous Pair of Mid 20thC Shop Display Articulated Mannequins by Stockman Paris

Origin: French
Period: Mid 20th Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1955-65
Height: 43.5 inches
Width: 19.25 inches (with arms)
Depth: 8.5 inches (all at maximum)

The large pair of mid century wooden lay figure form mannequins of three quarter length having articulated and jointed arms, hands and fingers of pressed card and wood with pull off heads, the torsos stamped Stockman Paris Brevete S.G.D.G.

Each tailor’s dummy is complete aside from one finger digit missing to each, with each in good working condition with all joints and movements in sound operation. There are knocks, small tears and general wear to the torsos wholly consistent with the vintage. There are screw mounting fixings present inside one of the legs to each mannequin, for stand attachment.

V.N. Siegel of Siegel & Stockman, Paris, established in 1867, experimented with articulated legs, arms and wooden hands with bendable digits in an effort to more closely mimic human activities and later in 1925 startled the display industry with modern abstract mannequins closely following the Art Deco style. The company are still very much in operation today. The stamp present here of "Breveté" indicates that the design incorporates one or more patents and the "S.G.D.G." (Sans garantie du Gouvernement) denotes a disclaimer required by the government of France stating that it does not guarantee enforcement of the claimed patent.

These are not particularly common Stockman examples and have real decorative presence, especially presented as a pair. Endless possibilities.

NB: Price shown is for the pair. We would consider selling as singles priced at £650 each.