A Mid 19thC Irish Painted Carpenters Side Chair c.1840

Origin: Irish
Period: Early Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1840
Height: 34.5” or 16” at seat
Width: 17.75”
Depth: 15.75” (all at extremities)

The original painted pine side chair showing many superb worn pigment and layers of paint, having a bar back worn through to white, the two plank seat worn further showing green, white, rust and ochre, the whole on block legs joined by stretchers,, surviving from the second quarter of nineteenth century Ireland.

With a good rich colour and deep patination to the many layers of paint, this well used and cherished chair is stable and there is only a little movement in the joints being  structurally sound with an aged split to the seat.

A great deal of Irish country furniture was painted as it protected timber from damp and could be easily renewed to incorporate a new colour scheme in a home. This carpenter’s chair came from a small cottage in the Poyntzpass locality, in County Down and once formed part of a parlour set.
A good example of Irish country furniture in un-meddled with order.