Origin: English
Period: Mid/Late 20thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1960-70
Width: 12.5”
Height: 25”
Depth: 28”

The very well modelled and large life size cast stone Staffordshire Bull Mastiff, in sitting position, having a closed mouth, black painted eyes and muzzle and seated alert, the whole of hyper-real form with good skin detailing and being inscribed ‘Vouch’ and ‘AM. Staff’ and surviving from the middle to later part of the twentieth century.
The hound is heavy and has weathering commensurate with being outside; he remains very stable and has no losses or repairs to speak of.

This is not a design we have ever come across before, this may well be a one off which would make sense seeing as the piece is named and marked.

The Staffy Bull Bullmastiff is the crossbreed between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Bullmastiff. It's a huge dog, being one of the largest breeds around, and rocks a stern, intimidating look. Its glare apparently though is only a facade, and it's renowned for being one of the most friendly dogs around.

A hyper-realistic cast and an imposing piece of sculpture.