A Mid 20thC Preserved Hermit Crab

Origin: English
Period: Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1960
Length: 3.5 cms

Henry the Hermit, (exert)

It was a little island where he dwelt,
Or rather a lone rock, barren and bleak,
Short scanty herbage spotting with dark spots
Its gray stone surface. Never mariner
Approach'd that rude and uninviting coast,
Nor ever fisherman his lonely bark
Anchored beside its shore.
It was a place
Befitting well a rigid anchoret,
Dead to the hopes, and vanities, and joys
And purposes of life; and he had dwelt
Many long years upon that lonely isle,
For in ripe manhood he abandoned arms,
Honours and friends and country and the world,
And had grown old in solitude.

by Robert Southey 1774 - 1843