A Mid-Victorian English School Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Gentleman Dated to 1864

Origin: British
Period: Mid-Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1864
Height: 21”
Width: 18”

The well realised bust length portrait of a middle-aged gentleman, having a good head of hair and full beard, shown wearing a white shirt with dark jacket and crevatte, with a jeweled albert chain, against a sage green ground, signed with the monogram EM and dated 1864 to the mid right, the whole presented unframed and surviving from the third quarter of nineteenth century and high-Victorian England.

The picture remains in attic find original condition with no over-painting or restoration and paint fleck loss to the surface; please refer to the photographs for a visual reference. We have stablised the flaking paint.

The year of 1864 in England saw Charing Cross railway station opening, the legalisation of over-arm bowling in cricket and Giuseppe Garibaldi visiting England.

Further research could be carried out as to who the artist is with the initials of EM.

A decorative portrait by a good hand with a rather Dickensian tang.