A Motto Slipware & Spongework Decorated Plate; ‘Have Courage Boys To Do The Right’ c.1915

Origin: English
Period: Early 20thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1915
Diameter: 8.5”

The yolk slipware painted plate having a spongework border, with the central hand scripted motto ‘have courage boys to do the right, be bold, be brave, be strong, by doing the right thing you gain the right to overcome the wrong’, and surviving from the Great War period.

The plate is in good overall condition with no chops or cracks or restoration. There is an all over craquelure as photographed.

We have found a Torquay pottery mottoware that displays this motto but painted later than this example.

An emotive and decorative piece of which we cannot find another comparable example.