Origin: English
Period: William IV / Early Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1830-40
Width: 55.5”
Height: 35”
Depth: 17.5”

The russet painted pine pot board dresser,  with the top section absent, the paint distressed commensurate with age and with a wonderful craquelure, having a characterful thick top over two frieze drawers with original knob handles, to a vacant pot board painted in black, the whole standing on integral block legs and surviving from the transitionary period of William IV to early Victorian.

The base shows some attractive wear and tear with scuffing and losses commensurate with its age as per the photographs. The front facing section has a wonderful craquelure to the paint, with one of the knob handles suffering some loss. The recesses for the top section of the dresser are seen to the rear top plank along with paint spills and a host of characterful stains and marks.

The pot board would have traditionally held butter crocks, mixing bowls, copper pots and jugs and would have been a central piece in the bustling kitchen or scullery of a British farmhouse in the nineteenth century.

A very evocative and decorative piece that could serve purpose in a multitude of ways and in a plethora of rooms.