Origin: Italian
Period: Rococo
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1790
Heights: 9”
Widths: 10.5”/10”
Depths: 1”

In entirely original condition, the gilded and carved wooden frames sculpted to vegetal motifs and ribbon bow finials, the silvered altar cards or cartaglorias in shaped cartouches showing the original hand-written latin texts in gold, red and green, for recital by the priest at mass, and surviving from late eighteenth century Italy.

The wholes are in good un-restored condition with the texts being indecipherable in places, and the gilding beautifully worn. One of the ribbon finals has a hairline repair to it. They can be hung on the wall or placed on a table top with plate stands. There are no significant losses or any signs of restoration.

These gilded frames were originally placed on the altar only during Mass and contain prayers that the priest should recite, bowed, during the Mass. Normally there would be two or three of these cartaglorias placed on the altar, which contain parts of the Missal which are part of the Mass.

Beautifully decorative fragments of eighteenth century Italy.