A Pleasing c.1880 Ebonised Cased & Glazed Taxidermy Group of A Stoat & Kitten Rabbit


Origin: English
Period: Late Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1880
The Case:
Depth: 7 inches
Width: 17 inches
Height: 17 inches

Showing the juvenile rabbit, Jemima, crouched nervously in a crevice, waiting amongst grasses and mosses, as the stoat, Simon, stands, loitering overhead, in a single glass ebonised case with blue sky painted interior and three hanging hooks to the rear.

Sweet teens, Jemima met Simon around 1873 and a half a year later he made her feel wanted for the first time. He was amazingly easy to talk to and friendly. He would scurry thirty minutes in the rain just to spend 15 minutes with Jemima if she needed him. They started hanging out a lot and developed a good relationship...only it wasn't official. They were just friends with benefits, for lack of a better status. One day, they got in an argument about something stupid and they stopped talking for months. She deleted his number on her phone and deleted him from her memory. It was like they never met. Until one day, she got a text message from a number she didn't recognise; it was Simon. He said he was sorry and he wants to see her again. With Jemima being so happy to hear from him, she duly accepted his invitation to hang out. They had a good time that day by the stream and started hanging out more and more. It came to the point where Simon would travel up the moorland to see her twice a week, every week.

Then, Jemima decided to tell him that she wanted to be more than friends. Simon told her the distance between them was going to tear them apart but that what they had was good. She understood him and was glad nothing had changed between them after that but unfortunately, she couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't be friends with benefits anymore and she told Simon it was just friends and no benefits, relationship, OR nothing at all. Simon chose the last choice. They stopped talking again. Five months later, she got another text message from an unknown number...Simon again.

 She fell into his stoat woven spell once again. This time however, he was the one who wanted the relationship. She told him that it wasn't a good time for a relationship at the moment. He also understood but never gave the idea up. He was always asking her if she was ready...and she always said no. Eventually, Simon got tired of asking and waiting, so he gave up.

Now, this cat and mouse teenage game of dating hangs in the balance, they haven't been seen together for two months...until now..