A Pretty Regency Black Japanned & Chinoiserie Decorated Tripod Table c.1815

Origin: English
Period: Regency
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1815-20
Height: 27.5 inches
The Top: 20 x 14.75 inches

The Regency period lacquer and chinoiserie decorated tripod table having rectangular top depicting a pair of figures in traditional dress, birds and flowers, a large pagoda building within a rural landscape beyond, the turned beehive stem on three S-scroll legs with brass mounts surviving from the first quarter of nineteenth century England.

The condition of the table is lived in but thoroughly evocative and she remains structurally sound. There are several deficiencies to the lacquer to note; and she now has a lovely crusty top with plenty of patination in the form of an even craquelure. Her top is set in two planks and the join is visible and when the table top is in the upright position it appears slightly off kilter but remains stable in all ways and the mechanism catch for the tilt top is in operational order and overall it remains an attractive piece in its entirety. We love pieces that show their battle scars and remain in un-restored condition, many of these japanned pieces were re-decorated in Victorian times, here we see the original Georgian paint and the original brass mounts.

The fine art of chinoiserie has been in existence since the 17th century, and it depicts Chinese style designs applied to furniture, ceramics and fabrics. Chinoiserie is wonderfully beautiful, and tends to depict realistic and fictitious animals, insects, people, foliage, structures and various other elaborate Asian designs that can be incorporated into a number of decorating themes. Antique pieces embellished with Asian-style chinoiserie and high-quality japanning are coated with baked-on layers that look very much like modern-day high-gloss enamel. Chinoiserie that has been japanned is coated with many layers of resin-based gloss and baked dry. Much polishing goes into the true technique of japanning, and high-quality pieces will appear to have deep layers of gloss with the sheen of fine marble, but true antique pieces like this will show signs of age and wear.

A truly elegant piece of Regency furniture that would slip into any room of quality with consummate ease due to its beautiful decoration, striking shape and timeless design.