A Queen Anne Period Painted Pine Deeds Box; 1708

Origin: English
Period: Queen Anne
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1708
Depth: 11.5”
Width: 17.5”
Height: 6.25”

The rectangular chocolate painted deeds box having a hinged lid revealing a vacant interior, the front painted with the beautifully sign-written date '1708' in buff white script and surviving from Queen Anne period England.

This box has obvious signs of use as there are old scratches and the paintwork has naturally distressed in the appropriate areas with a superb craquelure with some heat related wear to the reverse. The lid works perfectly well though the hinges are later replacements.

The year 1708 in England saw the completion of the construction of the new St Paul's Cathedral in London, the War of the Spanish Succession and the Privy Councils of England and Scotland merging into the Privy Council of Great Britain.

Put simply, a wonderfully decorative table top element.