A Rare Early 20thC Mirror Sign for a Coin-Operated Fortune Telling Machine


Origin: English
Period: Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1920
Height: 15.5 inches
Width: 11.5 inches

A rare vintage glass mirror, unframed, advertising 'Your Fortune by Cards. By Placing One Penny in Slot You can Obtain the Correct Card to Indicate Your Character', in gilt, within a ruled border. This mirror would have originally been attached to a coin-operated machine, with a drawer containing cards, which would spring out once the penny was inserted. There are one or two blemishes to the silver, as with many antique mirrors, but the gilt lettering is not adversely affected.

A rare, quirky, and bold piece of fairground history – trusting too, as shown in the request 'Please Close The Drawer When Finished'!