A Rare & Unusual c.1870 Fern & Leaf Decorated Jardinière Stand

Origin: English
Period: Mid-Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1870
Height: 41 inches
Width: 31 inches
Depth: 12 inches (all at extremities)

The unusual Victorian fernwork floor-standing plant trough jardinière stand, decoupage covered with botanical specimens of the day to include several species of dried leaves indigenous to Britain, the ground mainly made up of oak leaves, with pine cones and at least three other differing specimens, the specimens covering the entire carcass, the metal (zinc?) lined trough on a sinuous naturalistic twig work support to an oval base, and the whole surviving from mid-Victorian England.

The jardinière stand remains in good overall condition. There is a handful of small losses to the decoration and some peeling here and there but 80-90% is in tact. The trough has remnants of old compost which has dried to the metal lining (zinc?) base but in no way proves a problem. The piece remains structurally very sound.

Flower and plant collecting was popular in the mid-Victorian period especially with albums containing botanical specimens from flowers to seaweed and algae specimens. Furniture is far far less commonly found decoupage decorated with botanical specimens and we can’t find another piece like this anywhere having been sold.

This unique, wonderful and rare piece takes the lead from nature itself, sinuous, earthy, curious, botanically brilliant; and it proves perfect for the orangery or the hall.