A Rustic Provincial Black Painted French Pine Farmhouse Table c.1900

Origin: French
Period: 3rd Republic
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1900
Depth: 29”
Width: 47.5”
Height: 28.5” (all at top)

The late nineteenth century provincially made pine table having an arid dry texture to the black painted surfaces, the two-plank top over a long frieze drawer to block legs and surviving from the zeniths of nineteenth century France.

The condition is good and honest and sits structurally sound. The pine is beautifully dry and rustic, the top with some old paint splashes, and wear and tear as one would expect. The drawer opens via the sides which project out so that one can take a hold of them.

Awash with French rustic charm, just add bread, wine and olives.