A Stunning Large 19thC French Giltwood & Gesso Wall Mirror c.1880

Origin: French
Period: 3rd Republic
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1880
Height: 56.5"
Width: 42.5"
Depth: 2"

The large and wonderfully evocative giltwood and gesso framed rectangular mirror, standing at nearly five feet high, with corvetto ball inner border to outer floral garlanded borders, the original mercury glass mirror plate now beautifully clouded and foxed with age, the whole surviving from late nineteenth century France.

The mirror is in attractively aged and decorative condition. The original plate glass is wonderfully foxed and cloudy, with good spreads to the whole plate; please refer to the photographs for a visual reference. There is just enough deterioration but not too much, so the balance is just as it should be. The gilding has been touched in and partially re-gilded, and in many areas shows the base pink bole coming through, with some losses to the gesso mouldings particularly to the outer border. She has a markedly thick plate and frame and thus is pleasingly heavy, and ready and able to be hung and admired. The thick pine panels to the reverse are in tact but are later.

A stunning mirror; beautifully evocative of the past, and imposing in size.