A Stunning Semi Old Yazd Carpet 360cm x 245cm


Origin: Persia
Style: Yazd
Provenance: N/A
Date: c.1960
Hand Knotted 100% Wool Pile.
Length: 360cms / 11.8 feet
Width: 245cms / 8 feet
Ref: 1537

Exceptionally well drawn, the Yazd carpet busily populated on a soft ivory ground with stylised floral sprays and pine leaves picked out in royal and cornflowers blues, madder pinks, sands and mossy greens. Typically borderless, this beautifully balanced piece is one of the more intricately made pieces you are likely to see to come out of the Middle East.

The term "made in Yazd”, essentially means well made in Iran, with the history of the city dating back to the time of Alexander the Great, around a thousand years before the introduction of Islam. During the Sassanid Empire (AD 224-651), the city of Yazd was an important center for silk production and textiles throughout the thirteenth century. On his travels, Marco Polo mentioned the golden thread fabrics made by the textile makers of Yazd. Having a lower knot count than Kerman pieces, the quality of the weave in Yazd pieces is much higher.

This is a splendid carpet, in a large and dominating size. that has quality oozing from its very weave.