A Superb Early 20thC Mounted Taxidermy Fox Mask Dated to 1928


Origin: Early Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1928
Shield Height: 10.5 inches
Shield Width: 8 inches
Depth (with Head): 11 inches

Presenting Henry the fox, preserved in excellent condition considering his age, mounted upon a good quality shield with a brass plaque inscribed ' H.H. Micheldever Wood, March 22nd 1928' and bearing a paper label verso '’F. Chalkley, Naturalist, The Square, Winchester’.

An infamous fox of the boxing world, Henry the ‘Hurricane’ was the antithesis of a likeable, tough fighter: he enjoyed dancing more than he did punching; and he rarely badly hurt opponents in the ring. His ostentatious, cocky attitude did not sit well with fans drawn to humble fighters and Henry also ruined his acting credibility during a fake cry job following his victory over Mad Stan in July of 1919. He certainly enjoyed being the villain of the stage with his dancing during ring entrances and his smack talking leading up to fights annoying and aggravating opponents until his retirement in 1910.

Henry passed away peacefully in his sleep in 1928 at his home in Micheldever Wood, Winchester and is now beautifully conserved, still snarling at those who doubted him during his long and distinguished boxing career. His last words were poignant but wholly appropriate; "It was just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, moles dig the ground. I just beat people up.”