A Superb Quality Early 20thC Stained Pine Lepidopterist's Cabinet


Origin: English
Period: Early Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1900
Height: 21.5 inches
Width: 18 inches
Depth: 11 inches

The corniced stained pine chest having the original ebonised flat knob handles, standing on a plinth base, comprising eight numbered air tight drawers, each white lined with lift out glazed tray lids, housing a total of one hundred and forty two specimens of moths and butterflies.

Two of the eight drawers (2 & 7) are annotated and these examples include; the Oak Eggar, Fox Moth, Drinker Moth, Pebble Hook-Tip, Oak Hook-Tip, Green Silver Lines, White Ermine Moth, Buff Ermine, The Wood Tiger, Clouded Buff, Common Tiger, Scarlet Tiger, Cinnabar Moth, Rosy Footman, Grey Dagger Moth, Marbled Beauty, Lime Hawk Moth, Poplar Hawk Moth, Eyed Hawk Moth, Convolvulus Hawk Moth, Elephant Hawk Moth, Small Elephant Hawk Moth, Humming Bird Hawk Moth, Broad-Bordered Bee Hawk Moth, Puss Moth, Pebble Prominent Buff Tip, Chocolate Tip, Buff arches, Yellow-Horned Moth, Vapourer, Gold Tail, Gipsy Moth, and Black Arches.

The cabinet is in super condition, the draws gliding beautifully, the glass pristine and the knobs all present and correct. Around 15% of the specimens have some damage, most of it light, and most occurring in drawer five. The overall condition considering the age of the collection and cabinet itself would be good to very good.

Not only does this chest contain a wonderful array of impressive, rare and colourful specimens, it represents an exquisite work of craftsmanship in its own right, unparalleled today making this an irresistible combination of dedicated collecting and flawless cabinet making.