A Taxidermy Head of a North American Rocky Mountain Pronghorn


Origin: North America
Period: Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1950
Height: 29 inches (with horns)
Width: 13 inches (with ears)
Horn length: 9 inches

One of the more scarce taxidermy types is this pronghorn antelope, with a long neck and branched curved horns, each with a forward protruding tine, which gives the mammal its name. It has attractive brown and white fur, pricked-up ears, and glass eyes. There are two areas on the neck where the fur is becoming ever so slightly thin, but they do not affect the overall appearance of this imposing and strong-looking beast.

The head is un-mounted, but there is a hook on the back, so that it can be hung straightaway.

Native to interior western and central North America, the longhorn has exceptional pedigree in that it is the second fastest land animal, slower only than the African cheetah. It is probably so fast because it had evolved to out-run now extinct species such as the American cheetah, as there are no native predators extant that are anywhere near as fast.