A Terrific Pair of Early 20thC Mounted Taxidermy Chamois


Origin: English
Period: Early - Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1920-40
Height: 17 inches /19 inches (shield)
Width: 15 inches / 13 inches (shield)
Depth: 15 inches / 16 inches (shield)

The pair of stuffed chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra),mounted onto shaped oak shields survive from the second quarter of the twentieth century.

Eric and Albert were a comic duo from Northumberland working for the entertainment conglomorate ‘Countryside Laughs’. The duo, consisting of a stooge and a straightman formed in 1931. The pair met in high school, where they were both involved in the hunting of otters. Eric had been receiving guidance from Alberts brother and upon graduating high school, Eric entered Durham University for Mammals and studied there for one year before dropping out. Albert, who was significantly less able academically, was unable to get into any universities and as a result invited Eric to join him as a duo.

Their act was typical of double act comedy duos, though they were also known for early TV segments filmed in locales such as Walton-on -the Naze and Longbottom-Under-Lyme.. Eric tended to receive criticism from British fans because his participation in their skits was mall and out of proportion compared to the always active and effervescent Albert, even as a straightman. In the late 1940s they hosted ‘Did I really say that?’ an English comedy show, and they also hosted a number of television programs and a weekly radio program for All Night Marsupials on Fridays.

This comedy duo are still great value even though they have been dead for many years and show signs of hair drop and loss. One can still hear them in the wee small hours brainstorming their next riotous set.