A Very Fine Contemporary Taxidermy Barn Owl Mounted in Flight

Origin: English
Period: 21st Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.2013
Height: 22 inches (at maximum)
Wingspan: 14.5 inches (approximately)

The well-preserved and mounted adult barn-owl (Tyto alba) specimen on an oval mount is in superb condition.

While Anna’s Peers and Early Playmates Tread, by William Wordsworth

WHILE Anna's peers and early playmates tread,
In freedom, mountain-turf and river's marge;
Or float with music in the festal barge;
Rein the proud steed, or through the dance are led;
Her doom it is to press a weary bed--
Till oft her guardian Angel, to some charge
More urgent called, will stretch his wings at large,
And friends too rarely prop the languid head.
Yet, helped by Genius--untired comforter,
The presence even of a stuffed Owl for her
Can cheat the time; sending her fancy out
To ivied castles and to moonlight skies,
Though he can neither stir a plume, nor shout;
Nor veil, with restless film, his staring eyes.

NB: The Specimen is provided with a copy of the A10 certificate