A Very Fine Contemporary Taxidermy Hooded Crow on Tripod Stool

Origin: English
Period: Late 20th Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1990-2000
Height: 18.5 inches (the whole) or 9.75 inches (the specimen)
Stool Diameter: 8 inches

The large and fine stuffed and mounted hooded crow (Corvus cornix) specimen perched on a tripod formed stained pine primitively constructed stool is preserved and presented in the highest order.

The Hooded Crow

A hooded crow sat on an oak
And watched where the line of battle broke.

A hooded crow sat on an ash-
He hears the spears’ and the shields’ clash.

A hooded crow sat on a pine:
The long bows are bent, the swift arrows whine.

A hooded crow sat on an elm:
The broad sword batters the bright-plumed helm.

A hooded crow sat on a yew:
On Bosworth field lies a crimson dew.

A hooded crow sat on a thorn,
Where the crown of England had rolled, forlorn.

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