A Very Good Mid 19thC British School Oval Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Bearded Gentleman c.1860

Origin: English
Period: Early/Mid-Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1860
Canvas: 22.25 inches x 18.75 inches

The half-length portrait in oval form of a dashing young bearded gentleman in oils on canvas, in a black dinner suit with white shirt and black dicky bow-tie, the work unframed and indistinctly signed, survives from early to mid-Victorian England.

We have administered a repair to the canvas and have given him a very light clean and varnish but have otherwise left well alone and he remains in nice original condition with no over-painting and a good deal of craquelure to the surface. He would of course have once been framed. There are no marks verso.

This wiry, handsome gentleman has the look of an academic, a thinker, his beard is thick, his hair in good health, and his gaze steady, the background a muddy brown, his face well realised, his rather piercing steely blue eyes are very much the focal point amongst the mass of luxuriant beard. The signature to the picture, written in scarlet paint, is sadly indecipherable. The hand at work here is very skilled, the level of realism to the face is superb.

Good quality ovals are hard to stumble across and always prove to be wonderfully attractive, this, very accomplished one, proves no different.