A Very Good Quality c.1990 Three Seater Kilim Upholstered Sofa by George Smith, Fulham Road

Origin: English
Period: Late Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1985-95
Height: 32” at back or 34” with rear cushions
Width: 73”
Depth: 41” (all approximate & at extremities)

The large and comfortable three-seater sofa with kilim upholstered to the whole, the quality frame, with rolled drop in arms, sitting on concealed castors, surviving from the fourth quarter of twentieth century England and from the Fulham Road, George Smith stable.

The condition is fair with expected wear commensurate with 30-40 odd years use. We have given her a light clean. The original kilim upholstery is a little tired, with an attractive all over fade, with some nicks and holes to a few areas of the kilim, which could perhaps do with being tended to. The concealed castors are good quality though appear to be possibly later replacements, though other than this, the components are all original. She is sound, safe and comfortable and ready to go.

Kilim upholstered furniture has been a popular bohemian covering for sofas since the nineteenth century. The likes of George Smith, and Liberty were always keen on upholstering using kilim.

As George Smith quips on their website “George Smith has built a reputation for their expertise in upholstering with Kilim. The skill lies in assessing how best to place the Kilim design on the furniture, the cutting and pattern matching and the final application.” This is certainly true with this example with the matched semi-old kilims, giving a beautifully balanced finish. This example would have retailed new on the Fulham road at a cost of between £7,000 to £9,000, so it does provide good value.

Quality is king.