A Very Large 19thC French Painted Wrought-Iron Hanging Lantern c.1890

Origin: French
Period: 3rd Republic
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1890
Diameter: 28”
Height: 59” (with hanging ring)

The very attractive painted wrought iron hanging lantern of circular form, being over five feet high and having five pricket sconces, the open scrolled frame beautifully hand painted in a pale pistachio colour and terminating with a pineapple finial and integral hanging ring, the whole surviving in scintillatingly original condition from nineteenth century France.

The lantern is in good condition with the piece in stable structural order with no losses. The whole has a simply wonderful aged patination to the painted surface as per the photographs and is totally untouched. There possibly would have been glass present with one side acting as a door, but the glass is absent.

Experiments in Europe and America, after 1750, helped to improve the lamp, and when whale oil became plentiful in the early 1800's, lamps became as common as candles. This particular lantern would have hung in a large chateau big enough to bear it.
With the imposing size and beautiful finish this would make a huge statement in an entrance hall or above the dining table.