A Vibrant Taxidermy Ring Necked Parakeet in an Ebonised & Parcel Gilt Case


Origin: English
Period: Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1880   
The Case:
Depth: 6 inches
Width: 11 inches
Height: 15.5 inches

Morgan, the ring necked parakeet has long been housed in his rather opulent ebonised and parcel gilt case with naturalistic setting, though in his heyday he was a loveable rogue, the remnants of which are still to be found in his rather cheeky fixed expression.

Bright eyed and long-tailed Morgan was capable of steady, direct flight with his pointed wings and long tail, whilst Morgan’s descendents are now well established in parts of surrey and kent here in the UK. Often he was involved in quarrels when in flocks, and he could be awfully noisy at times. He was also very talented at mimicking human speech and was once reprimanded for imitating a police officer upon his arrest for stealing pecan nuts from Mr Magee’s potting shed.

He now needs a new home and can just as easily be hung or sat upon a table and if you listen carefully enough you can hear him from time to time taking off Victorian policemen with aplomb.